This Space Between Us wins the Moxie! Award for Best Comedy at the Santa Monica Film Festival

This Space Between Us is a new romantic comedy starring Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under, May, Wrong Turn, Jesus, Clueless), Poppy Montgomery (NBC's Without A Trace) and Erik Palladino (U-571, ER). The ensemble cast also includes, Vanessa Marcil (NBC's - Las Vegas, Beverly Hills 90210), Leslie Bibb (ABC's New - Line Of Fire, Popular) Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman), Vincent Ventresca (The Invisible Man), Taylor Negron and Alex Kingston (ER).

The film made its world premiere (at the time a work-in-progress) as an official selection of the Seattle International Film Festival. to an enthusiastic sold-out crowd at The Harvard Exit Theater. The Daily Variety in its review of the film wrote:

"Moving gracefully from comedy to drama and back again, "This Space Between Us" has a sexy, freewheeling spirit that brings considerable life to the now-familiar alienated-filmmaker genre. It's also a solid vehicle for the talents of Jeremy Sisto, who gives a soulful edge to the basically sullen outlook of pic's protag, a novice helmer who has lost his wife and career within a year of moving to L.A. Pathos and Hollywood satire mix surprisingly well, with "Space" taking on more shape and meaning as it goes on."

A sold-out crowd enjoyed the film at The 13th Annual Wine Country Film Festival. The film that screened at both festivals was a "work-in-progress" (at one hour an fifty three minutes it was nearly twelve minutes longer than Leutwyler's recently completed final cut).

This Space Between Us was also selected as the opening night film of the San Francisco Indie Fest, before moving on to the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Leutwyler's debut film Road Kill had its world premiere March 11, 13, 14, 1999 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival where it won the Audience Choice Award for best picture (most recently it won the Audience Choice Award at the 1999 FilmFest New Haven). The film made its German premiere September 8-12, 1999 at the Oldenburg Film Festival.